Immigration Success

Below, you may see only a few examples of the immigration success stories which countless SGM Law Group customers have experienced. We don’t shy away from the cases as you can tell, we challenge them. Our lawyers are experts in immigration law and also have a very long history of giving customers the resources they need to reside and work in the U.S. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to be among the immigration success stories. O-1A for a Corporate Chief executive officer – Our customer seemed to have all of it. He was the Chief executive officer of a company that is prosperous and has been well known through the industry as a mogul.

For the O-1A, the customer was ideal from his PhD into his many awards. He written chapters in books that were well-known in addition to articles in professional publications. The USCIS is not lenient with regards to these credentials, although it appeared like a dream case. Having decided the L-1A visa has been the way he came to us for help. Establishing an office as it takes the applicant to demonstrate that he or she has capital and assumptions in order is simple. It’s also advisable to introduce a business plan to demonstrate that you are in the place to grow the office and make More jobs from the U.S.

Getting a H-3 Visa Following a Complicated RFE – At SGM Law Group, we notice individuals from all sorts of situations and also backgrounds come through our workplace doors. Thanks to our dedicated and skilled lawyers, many people walk out of those doors with smiles on their faces and also visas in their hands. While we usually deal with employment based visas, we also frequently have additional complicated immigration situations come our way. For an architect who received a H3 visa RFE, this has been one of these cases. H1B Extension Approved to a Computer Systems Analyst – whenever you see as many H1B instances as we do here at the offices, you start to understand that it may be more challenging to gain approval for some special positions over others.

When a customer came to our office needing a H1B extension for a pc systems analyst, we werent their first choice, but we had been the only ones who’d rise to the challenge. Continue reading. Answering a H1B Non Profit RFE to Specialty Position – When this odds seemed stacked against you and this prerequisites seem too high to qualify, the experienced legal team is ready to assist you overcome daunting obstacles. As far as H1B visas are concerned, theres nothing we haven’t already seen before, including a H1B nonprofit RFE case. Continue reading. Meeting The EB-1 Green Card Requirements at a Complex Field – To all those who’re unfamiliar with this green card levels, this EB-1 is this most difficult to obtain.